Where Accessories Go To Die

I wanted to sit down to work up a good post today.  I wanted to put some time into finally fleshing out some ideas and thoughts I’ve had going through over the last week or so…

I wanted to, but I can’t. I am — sadly — the place where accessories go to die.

Now, normally, I’m a firm proponent of the belief that you get what you pay for.  I’ll spend extra on a new computer now to keep it relevant and useful a few years from now.  Just like I’ll spend extra on a truck now to keep it…well…comfortable and nice now.

Err, did I forget to mention that I’m a bit self-indulgent, too?

Anyway, back to accessories.  I refuse to spend more than $15 on sunglasses because I have yet to have a pair last more than two months.  I lose them, or break them, or drop them in the water…and I’m even worse with earbuds.  I just put my latest set through the laundry — thanks, cargo shorts, for having far-too-convenient pockets! — and the wash did them no good whatsoever.

Unfortunately, my accessory issues are a real problem when it comes to that particular accessory.  Look, earbuds are for the most part not terribly expensive…unless sound quality matters to you.

Sound quality matters to me.

For someone who needs music blasting at full volume in his ears in order to write, the loss of that sound is freaking tragic.  And this is sadly where that first belief I wrote about comes into play — I cannot just go out and buy a pair of $9 earbuds to tide me over.  No, sir, not me.  Not for something this important.


So, yep, it’s time to click Buy Now* on Amazon and cringe at having to purchase yet another set of far-too-expensive earbuds.  That, by the way, is why I don’t own airpods or any other wireless in-ear system…even I can’t justify that particular cost, not with the mark of death on anything I use.

*Don’t even get me started on the combined power of the demon called Amazon Prime and his evil henchman, Buy Now!