Speaking of Fun With Beer…

Okay, okay…it will surprise exactly zero people to know I’m sitting in the taproom as I write this.  But I do have an excuse, this time.

It’s Beer Madness time…

Yes, you heard that right: Beer Madness.  Just like March Madness, but…well…a hell of a lot more fun.  We don’t sit and watch a bunch of players run up and down the court.

No, sir…that would remind us just how little we are able to run up and down the court.  Nope, instead, we do it right, we stick with what we are good at: beer.  Everyone chooses a beer to enter into the contest, then we have head-to-head battles until one champion reigns supreme.

You’d think this was my metier…you’d think I could dominate at this kind of thing.

You’d think, but you’d be wrong — I’ve never made it out of the first damned round.


This year, though…

This year will be different.

This year my Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Double Apricot Blonde will get me at least ONE win.  There is NO “next year,”not this time.  My beer & I are all in.  It’s full-Miracle, or nothing — hell, I can hear Herb Brooks in my mind right freaking now!

UPDATE:  Ahem.  I lost.  Again.

Why Do I Always Have to Work Holidays?!

St Patrick’s Day…

Ahh, St Patrick’s Day…

Okay, yeah, it’s American “invention” to (ostensibly) honor a minor Irish holiday. An invention, I might add, created mostly as an excuse to drink and party.

So what? It’s a fun time, even if it is “cultural appropriation”!

What else are you gonna do on St Patrick’s Day, by the way, except celebrate it at German brewery? Of course you are…I mean, c’mon, that’s multiculturalism at its finest!

Quite simply, you haven’t lived until you’ve celebrated St Patty’s day with a few games of hammerschlagen! And screw the corned beef, I want sausage! And rye bread!

Technically, I suppose, I’m working today…which means I have my iPad open in front of me at the moment. Well, that and I’ll help out at the brewery when it gets truly busy. And there is, of course, also the pending Irish Olympics to think about.


9D5A524E-9ABA-41F3-B500-559D88BB46A1Work, work, work…another day slaving in the mines…

Now, if only there was actual, you know, money in spending your “work” life writing and in a brewery.

Fun? Oh, yeah, there’s tons of that…but money? Not so much…

Crap, a thought occurs…I hate it when that happens, but what are you gonna do?

On the same theme from my post last Friday: I learned everything I need to know about this stuff from my (fairly extensive) travels across Europe & the Americas. Tragically, I didn’t do that travel as part of an official gap year. Nope, I was far too deprived and challenged to do that.

Oy vey! How much farther ahead would I be if I had started this insanity at eighteen?!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, the keg curling competition is getting ready to start…