This is a writing blog.

Sort of.

Mainly, this is a place for me to capture and share my thoughts as I work my way through the process of my writing.

When I first started to write, I searched madly for resources to help guide and teach me. Finding “How To” sites and guides was no problem – everyone and their aunt, seemingly, has a page or a book about “how to write a novel”.

But none of those spoke to me. None were personal. None showed the reality of writing a story. All tried to teach “how”, but none illustrated the highs and lows of the process itself. And trust me on this: there are definitely highs and lows. Many, many lows.

So, after much time and thought, I decided to add my own tiny shrubs of insight to the ever-growing forest of words and thoughts on the topic.

What you have here is not, therefor, a blog about “how to write a novel”.  If you want that specific topic, just go Google it. No, what you have is my attempt to “live-blog” the writing process itself. It is my attempt to let you — the reader — look over my shoulder as I write.

Sometimes that will be a positive, rewarding thing. Other times…not so much. It will, however, always be an honest window into the emotions and influences that matter to me as I work. There is as much bitterness and pain in the effort (and the result) as there is joy and happiness.

A word of warning: the stories I am currently writing are intensely personal and painful to me. Beneath the plot and setting, they are stories about suicide, and about those of who are left behind. They are also very much stories about the broken, marginalized folks that haunt the edges of society.

In the end, I can boil these stories down to a single image: one broken kid holding the body of another, far more broken, kid.

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