This is a writing blog.

Sort of.

Mainly, this is a place for me to capture and share my thoughts as I work my way through the process of writing a novel.

When I first started to write, I searched madly for resources to help guide and teach me. Finding “How To” sites and guides was no problem – everyone and their aunt, seemingly, has a page or a book about “how to write a novel”.

But none of those spoke to me. None were personal. None showed the reality of writing a story. All tried to teach “how”, but none illustrated the highs and lows of the process itself.  And trust me on this: there are definitely highs and lows. Many, many lows.

So, after much time and thought, I decided to add my own tiny shrubs of insight to the ever-growing forest of words and thoughts on the topic.

What you have here is not a blog about “how to write a novel”.  If you want that specific topic, just go Google it…  No, what you have is my attempt to “live-blog” the writing process itself. It is my attempt to let you – the reader – look over my shoulder as I write.

Sometimes that will be a positive, rewarding thing. Other times…not so much. It will, however, always be an honest window into the emotions and influences that matter to me as I work. There is as much bitterness and pain in the effort (and the result) as there is joy and happiness.

A word of warning: the novel I am describing on this site is a sequel. The first story was intensely personal and painful to me. Beneath the plot and setting, it was a story about suicide, and about my own experiences and problems therewith. It was also a story about the broken, marginalized street-kids that haunt the edges of society.

That hasn’t changed for this next story.

In the end I can boil these stories down to a single image: one broken kid holding the body of another, far more broken, kid.

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