Sorry For The Interruption

Oh, dear God did I need this!

So, yeah, this morning’s post was pretty random and spur of the moment.  It was also written when the temperature was still in single digits.  Those single digits, I should add, have been a freaking high for the last several weeks.  After 25ish years in cold climes, the past couple of weeks mark the first time ever that I’ve had my pipes burst from the damned cold!

But now…

But now!

But now, the sun is shining and things are warming up.  Yeah, the air temperature is still 36 degrees, but you have to remember that I live at five thousand feet.  At this altitude, you quickly learn, direct sun adds 10-20 degrees to the temperature.

So…I’m sitting outside.  I’m sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt.  I’m also following the greatest wisdom in the world*: I’m drinkin’ wine and eatin’ cheese.

*Thank you, Oddball!

Think back, dear reader…

Think all the way back to this morning…

Remember when I talked about sitting outside as part of that bit about writing?

Oh yeah!

That’s right…I’m sittin’ outside, with my wine and my cheese, and writin’ my ass off.

Oh, and below…for a musical note?  There ain’t many bands who could take a thousand-year-old poem and turn it into a kick-ass song!

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