Well, That Didn’t Take Long

One of my unspoken resolutions for this new year was to cuss less, both in my writing and in my real-life habits.  I made that resolution, just like the others, in perfectly good faith.  But, then I kept reading the news…

I kept reading the news…

Are you fucking kidding me?!

Jesus Christ, Trump, can you go any goddamned lower?!

I would add a *sigh* here, but this isn’t worth a sigh.  What Trump and his sycophantic enablers are doing gives rise to indignation and anger, not the passivity of a sigh.

The election is over and Trump lost.  There was no appreciable fraud.  Trump lost.  Votes were not stolen by the hundred of thousands.  Trump lost.  A state official cannot just “recalculate” to give a different electoral outcome.  Trump lost.  Congress cannot override the expressed will of the nation to install whatever candidate they choose.  Trump lost.


Far too many loons are out there saying, “There’s no way a zero like Biden could have won!  Who would vote for him?”

That answer is easy: I did, as did millions just like me.  Well, I didn’t vote for Biden, I voted — vehemently, aggressively even — against Donald J. Trump.

Those loons love to look at idiots like Cruz and Hawley and say, “They’re just asking questions.  The Dems did it, too, and would do worse if they were in power right now…”

Good Lord, that’s not even an argument, that’s a kindergarten tantrum!  “He got to pee on the carpet, why can’t I?”

Socially I’m pretty moderate-to-liberal, but as far as fiscal, defense and foreign policy go I’m still pretty damned conservative.  I realize there is no one out there who will change their mind at this point, but I’ll link an article here and another here in the hopes that some random MAGA might read it anyway, and rediscover a touch of common sense and decency.

When an aircraft goes into a dive that is too steep, and too fast, it is dead.  Flat out, there is a mathematical curve to any maneuver that defines life or death.  If you stray onto the wrong side of that curve, you will crash.  It doesn’t matter what you do at that point, the capabilities of your airframe and engines determines your fate.  It sounds cold, but “alive” or “dead” really does come down to a simple equation at that point.

Well, what Trump, Cruz and Hawley — and far too many others — are doing is turning our collective political race to the bottom into a dive that is flirting very, very close to the wrong side of that curve.

Oh, their efforts will fail…this time.  No matter what tantrums Trump throws, no matter how insane his slavish followers become, there are enough sane people left to stop them.  This time.

This time.

But in the future?  In 2024 this is all just going to happen again, whether Trump is on the ballot or not.  It doesn’t matter who wins and who loses that election, it is going to come down all of this again.  And again in 2028. And in 2032. And…you get the idea.

Just like that aircraft in the dive,  each time it will go a little deeper, a little faster.  “Hey, nothing bad happened last time…” is perhaps the most dangerous thought-pattern in human history.  In life, that thinking leads to the funny videos and moments captured in the Darwin Awards.  In life, it leads to laughs and little frissons of schadenfreude that at least we ain’t that dumb…

Politically, however, it is nowhere near so harmless.  Politically it leads to ever more extreme actions.  Politically it leads to consequences — most unintended — that all too quickly grow out of control.  Politically it leads to the wrong side of that curve.

The most frequent responses I hear from the die-hard MAGAs nowadays are coded references to “watering the tree of liberty” and “2A solutions.”

Oh, I can dismiss the idiocy of those who roar, “Trump will order out the military to deal with the steal!”  The military is not going to get involved, even if Trump “orders” it.  Yes, there are plenty of MAGAs in the service.  Just as there are plenty of Biden folks.  And plenty of middle grounders, too.  There might be a few loons who dream of being “let loose,” but most take very seriously, and very personally, their oaths to the Constitution (not the President, nor any other individual or body).

No, I don’t worry about the military.  What I do worry about are the idiots running around and screaming at the sky, dreaming that the pistol on their hip can keep a blatant criminal in office.

This has gone far, far beyond politics — as nationalist-populists always have, throughout history.  It has gone beyond even the “cult of personality” I found so distasteful when Trump gained steam in the 2016 primaries.  No, this has entered the stage of outright religion.  We are, if we don’t soon pull out of this dive, looking at the potential for a Trump-driven conflict that will match the bloodiest of religious wars.

I hate being right.

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