Random Thoughts, or Please Stop The Crazy!

The sci-fi I write tends to be dark and pretty damned dystopian.  That will come as precisely no surprise to anyone who has read any of the snippets I have posted here.  The fantasy on which I am working also has a dark edge, albeit an edge not nearly so strong nor as personal as the stories of Connor and Oz.

Remember, I’m a student of history — I don’t think it’s possible to NOT have a dark edge as a historian!  History is not something to lead you to optimism and hope. To paraphrase Twain, history might not repeat itself, but it sure as hell rhymes.

With that being said, I have completely had it with today’s constant crises, craziness and catastrophes.  C’mon, when the guy who willingly kills off his favorite characters in scenes of blood and despair has had enough, you know the crazy has gone too damned far!

Oh…that fantasy story I mentioned…

Yeah, I made the decision.  I already had the characters, and now I’ve finally found the voice.  The plot and details will of course morph as I start working on the ebb and flow of the story itself…and as the characters get their say in how things go.  Now comes the hard part…now comes the days, weeks and months of writing up all of the background material.

That process will not be made any quicker, I should add, by the fact that I’m still not done writing Connor’s story.  Actually, I’m not sure I will ever be done with Connor’s story.  Every time I see “the end,” I find that he has something more to say…

Anyway, a few non-cataclysmic thoughts:

  1. They say movie theaters are a dying industry — well, no shit, I say.  Now look, I know I’m not exactly normal in my (relative) misanthropy, but is going to an overpriced, uncomfortable den of dirt and lunacy any way to watch a freaking movie?  Twenty bucks for a ticket and some popcorn in one of the herpes-laden torture devices they call seats?  Or twenty bucks for beer and chips and the comfort of my own couch?  Jesus, talk about the inevitable end of the buggy-whip industry…  Ahem.
  2. Bear spray is (still) a thing — uhh, it’s been kinda warm and dry up here.  Oh, the females went to bed a while ago, and the younger males, but the big boys?  The grouchy old guys who know every trick in the book?  Much like me at two in the morning, they’re still finding food so why go to sleep?
  3. I re-watched Star Trek during my quarantine — no, not an episode or five.  When has my nerdism ever been that half-assed?  I re-watched all of freaking Star Trek!  SIX long running series and TWELVE freaking movies…!  I tried to focus on the writing — I really did — but that ain’t easy with something so closely tied to my younger years.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the writing is inconsistent as hell.  Some storylines were great, and others just plain dumb, but well…it’s freaking Star Trek!  Kirk is still the captain I’d most want to have a beer with, and Sisco still the one I’d most want on my side in a fight, but I have to admit that I kinda like the newest series, Discovery, too.  The writers did a huge disservice to Captain Lorca in the first season, however.  There was a storyline there about redemption and preconceptions and prices to be paid, but they took the easy way out and went for a “comic book” character arc instead.  That pretty much ruined it for me, along with some major plot inconsistencies, in spite of the solid acting and great production values in the show.
  4. Killing the keg — yes the flashfiction piece in my last post was Animal House based…and yes, I have had my share of similar mornings gathered with friends to lay to rest a keg suffering from terminal partialfillitis.  C’mon, really…this surprises you?
  5. I need to travel again — okay, so that is kinda…err…ironic coming from someone who lives where I do, but if I don’t get out of this freaking country at some point in the next year, my freak-out will be biblical!

Musical Note — one of my favorite songs, it just hits all the right notes…

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