The Definition of Cool

Has it all blown up yet?


Then I’m gonna sprawl out on my deck and start in on a twelve pack…

The news tonight is gonna be a spectator sport, so I figured I would get in some warm-up reps.  The weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be biblical…from whichever side loses.  All of the pundits — again, from whichever side is the loser — will spend countless hours spinning and massaging their past statements to make themselves look oh-so-right, no matter the results.  The tears, the impotent rage, the temper tantrums…it’ll all be more Shakespearean than, well, Shakespeare himself.

So how will I kill time until the fireworks start in a few hours?  Sean Connery, that’s how.

With Connery’s passing, I lost another of my favorites from the movie world.  That entire world is very much the poorer without him.  So, in honor of Sir Sean, I’ll queue up a bunch of his films in which to lose myself.  I, of course, will have to start with Dr No — anything else would be a crime — and then just build from there.  Although it wasn’t his last role, there is only one possible choice for the climax of this little film fest: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Only Connery could have so totally upstaged Harrison freaking Ford!

I started thinking about just which of his flicks I want to watch, then I went back and scanned through his filmography…

Holy shit, just exactly how many of movies did I absolutely love?!

Beyond the Bond stuff, you the fringe flicks: Time Bandits, Highlander, Outland...

You have the war movies: The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, The Man Who Would be King...

The brilliant stuff: The Great Train Robbery, Murder on the Orient Express, The Untouchables

The cool stuff:  Name of the Rose, The Presidio, The Hunt for Red October

And, c’mon, say what you will about the movie itself, but who didn’t squee just a little when he come on at the end of Robin Hood as King Richard?!

IMDB, in fact, lists 94 acting credits for Connery, starting Way back in 1954!


Err, I think this might just take a more than a single afternoon…

Thank you, Sir Sean, for providing so many of the scenes and moments — so many of the characters — that helped to form my imagination.

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