Airpods and Paddles and Songs, Oh My!

There’s nothing like a new pair of airpods to make me want to write a blog post…

Yeah, okay, I’ll admit it — I gave in to my compulsions and bought the expensive set.  *sigh*  What did I tell you about self-gratification and my love of music?!

Of course, the other thing that has me thinking and dreaming again is being on the water.  I fetched my kayak up here to Yellowstone, and I’ve been out on the water more than a few times in the past couple of weeks (in spite of my ruined shoulder).

Oh, God how I miss the ocean!  I miss the sailing.  I miss the (bad, in my case) surfing.  I miss the sunsets…

By the way, is anyone else out there re-reading Poe in our current COVID circumstances?  I started of course with “Masque of the Red Death” and just went on from there.  I’m pretty sure we can all find a Prince Prospero or two in the world right now…


Thinking about all of that makes me want to get back on the water.  Or to write.

Given that I’m still waiting for the Advil to kick in enough to try paddling, I think I’ll write for a bit…plus, I have these neat airpods that I have to see if I can ruin!

I’m still working on the fantasy stories, by the way, more than the Connor and Oz stories.  Oh, its not a lack of interest in the sci-fi stuff, rather it is my innate focus on — and obsession with — dissonance.  Writing stories that are dark and bitter and focused on everything wrong with society today seems like…well…overkill with all that is going on in the US and the world.  So, instead, I’m going for my normal cognitive dissonance and focusing on a set of stories that are about innocence and the ties that bind us together, rather than everything that tears us apart.

Now, when — if — things go back to normal, that will be the time for me to focus again on everything that’s screwed up!  Err…or when I’m grumpy.  Or when Connor and Oz start knocking on the windows of my mind, demanding to be written.

To be honest, I haven’t been doing as much longform writing as I should, anyway.  I’ve been weaseling extra cash by going back to my roots and doing some writing for video games instead.  Ugh.  That is, sadly, not a whole lot better than just selling what little is left of my soul and returning to my former life as a sales & marketing monkey…

I am planning, by the way, to follow through on something I talked about a few weeks ago — I’m going to focus on short fiction here on the blog for the next month or so.  It will mostly be my normal flashfiction stuff, but a piece or two that is longer or more purposeful may sneak in as well.  As ever, I am always open to ideas or inspirations for the short stuff.  A single image…an idea…a line…even a simple word!  So long as the suggestion has emotional impact, and enough of a hook to get my mind working, I’m all onboard.

Umm…great…now I have an idea building for something to write.  It is, of course, a song that has me going.  The song I’ll link below, but the story…

For the story, we’ll have to see what I come up with.

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