What was it the British royal family said after Westminster Palace was bombed in World War 2?  Oh yeah, “Now we can look the East End in the eye.”C871932F-4514-4D7B-BE23-023CDFEF11E5

Now I can look my friends in the eye.

I and couple of others are the last remaining “regular” staff still working at Yellowstone Forever.

Err…we were the last regular staff working, anyway.

Now all the regulars are gone, and it’s down to just the $250k+ per year vice presidents to run the place.  All 8 of them.  EIGHT.  Eight, for a “nonprofit” with all of 50 full-time staff.

Look, I’m a freaking libertarian, but c’mon…

Does a “nonprofit” that has not given raises for 3 years…

Does a “nonprofit” that claims to be working for the “greater good”….

Does a nonprofit that has furloughed their entire “regular” staff, really need to be paying over $2 million for 8 fucking vice-presidents?!?


That wasn’t what I sat down to write, but what the hell…when the hell have I ever worried about what I intended to write?  Crap, I get to start collecting unemployment as of April 26th…why should I worry about what I “intended” to write?

At least I can look my friends in the eye, now.

But to many, this is a still a fraud.  COVID-19 is still a “lefty plot” to bring down Trump.

Okay then.

Every single one of the $250k+ VPs is a big Trump supporter…and they’re still working at full pay.  The rest of the organization?  The ones making $10, $15 or $20 an hour?  Yeah, we’re all collecting unemployment now.  

Sorry, but the free passes for this pandemic are all gone now.  Those currently in charge own it, as do their sycophantic supporters still collecting full paychecks while everyone else worries about how to pay the damned bills.

Again, this is not what I sat down to write…but it is what came out when my fingers started moving over the keyboard.  And, just to be fair, this whole fiasco does not belong solely to the fool in the White House.

Oh no.

Oh HELL no.

All of the idiots in DC own it.

All of the sycophants who place party over country own it.

All of those who believe only what confirms their own biases own it.

Nancy Pelosi owns it, just as much as does Donald Trump.

Chuck Schumer owns it, just as much as does Mitch McConnell.

The signs were there, the warnings were there, for those willing to look past the next election enough to worry about this country and this world more than their own livelihood.

All had the chance.  All heard the call to stand up and make a difference.

9C399E4C-7FE2-46E1-9E4C-FC6EB9D389DEAll were called, and all were found wanting.

Is it any wonder why I hate the whole damned shitshow?

But what the hell do I know, I’m furloughed…

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