At Play

I sat down at my favorite little coffee place to write this morning. I had a good topic in mind, one inspired by a discussion I had about depression and anxiety and the realities that affect so many people. Like so many people, the guy I was talking with didn’t think those things were “real.” He thought they were just expressions of “weakness” on the part of those who fight those particular demons…

The post I had in mind was going to be honest and blunt, and not the most uplifting thing in the world.

But I sat down to write in the coffee shop.

A young mom was in there, with her two sons. The boys were maybe 18 months and 3-4 years old. While she sipped her coffee and read on her phone, the kids were playing, rough-housing, and in general just cracking each other up.

I’ve mentioned before that soundtracks & music can (quite literally) make the scenes we want to write. Well, there are more soundtracks than just music…

It is, I discovered, well-and-truly impossible to write a post that is “honest and blunt, and not the most uplifting thing in the world” when you are laughing your ass off at the innocent antics of two young kids. At this particular moment, the bright plastic trucks lie forgotten and the 3-4 year old is “losing” a wrestling match so his little brother can pin him…

How do you write about the darker side of life in the face of that? How do you tackle difficult subjects surrounded by the simple joy of play?

EBEA97F7-1D7A-4965-AD56-A33CBD8EC562I wanted to be grumpy today…now I’m chuckling and in a good mood.


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