Chasing Squirrels Off The Deep End

Hey, it’s random fact time! Yeehaw! I’m writing this post on…wait for it…National IPA Day!

Wait, when did we start having “national days” for styles of beer? AND WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?!

Holy crap, could this get dangerous…

I mean, IPA Day is all well and good, but what about National Pilsner Day? Or Imperial Stout Day? Holy shit, what am I gonna do on National Bourbon Barrel Aged Sour Day?!

Crap, counting all the specialities and hybrids, there are way more than 52 styles of beer…why the hell don’t we have a National Beer Day every week?!


A guy can dream, can’t he?

Of course, as good as IPA Day is, there’s an even better “day” coming up: National Disc Golf Day.

Look, I don’t care if you like or hate spoiling your walk by chasing a little white ball around the lawn, “real” golf is, umm, not all that entertaining. Disc Golf, on the other hand…disc golf is one of life’s great pleasures.

Yes, it’s kinda hipster-ish. Yes, it’s no longer the cheap game we started playing back in the late 80’s. Yes, some folks take it far too seriously. But…but…but it’s still one hell of a way to spend a summer afternoon.

You don’t even need the elaborate courses people seem to like nowadays. Personally, I like to play it like we used to, way back when* — all you need is a six pack of beer, a bag of discs, and enough trees, rocks and lampposts to make “holes” on an imaginary course…

IMG_0174*Fine, I admit it: I’m old and cranky! Now get off my lawn!

Oh shit…


Wait a damned second…

What if we combined National Pilsner Day AND National Disc Golf Day?

I mean, c’mon! Think of the children!

I may have to start planning now…

F35DD251-9923-4993-84FD-B837448F60E9Umm…by the way…if you didn’t notice…I’m not feeling terribly serious today. Nor all that writerly…

I’m in the taproom, with a beer near at hand. I have my iPad all set up to go. I have music* blaring in my ears. I even have a couple of ideas I want to develop. And, in spite of all that, the writing-thing just ain’t happening…

*The wrong music, apparently…

My friends at the brewery are laughing at me right now. The taproom regulars are laughing at me, too. Hell, even my characters are laughing at me…

CDCFEBBC-2066-4331-A1D4-188D4F6B975DSome days you get the squirrel, and some days the…SQUIRREL!!

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