63E1C0B4-DAD6-4E75-8161-E847AB9361C0Okay, so, I hate Facebook. This should not come as a surprise to anyone — I’ve been pretty open about my opinion of the whole damned platform ever since I started this blog.

I’ve hated Facebook since they first got going, and I hate them even more now. Hell, when a supposedly “secret” memo from a top executive leaked a few weeks ago — you know, the one where he said ethics, morality and the law mean nothing in the face of Facebook’s “greater mission” to “connect people” — it did nothing but confirm my disdain for the company, and anyone who works for them.

Yeah, yeah, I know…I say I hate the company, but I have a Facebook page linked to this blog. But…well…look, cognitive dissonance and I are old, old friends, okay? I created that page as a “should-do/must-do,” not a “want to do.” Hell, all anyone has to do is take a look at my timeline and check out my complete lack of connections or activity to see that.

So, when I saw the story the other day about the nosedive in Facebook stock…well…I know it’s petty, but I have to admit to a certain (large) amount of satisfaction in the corporate and financial pain associated with that. The simple fact of the matter is that Facebook creeps me the hell out. The amount of data they collect, and the invasive tactics and techniques that they employ to collect that data  — up to and including outright spying — are things I find pretty damned repugnant. And the smug, self-righteous disdain with which they treat any concern or complaint about those tactics and techniques is even worse…

Worse yet, I should add, is the “addiction” they intentionally inculcate in so many of their users. Even moderate users waste hour upon hour scanning their timelines in order to read and “like” posts. Hours on end spent staring at a screen, searching for the tiniest update from people with whom they have only the barest connection. Hours spent sending updates on great-aunts and great-grandchildren no one else knows. Hours spent looking at stupid memes and watching cat videos. Hours spent, when you get right down to it, trading true connections and real links for arm’s-length, electronic simulacra. Hours spent not reading or studying or doing something worthwhile.686681D3-5141-4C0D-9373-68DABF4668CF

Oh, and cat videos, for fuck’s sake…

Oh yeah, creepy as hell.

You have to wonder if the DARPA folks back in the 70’s would’ve been better off just getting drunk and skipping work that day they came up with the “internet”…

I’m hoping that, when the markets open on Monday, there will be yet more tankage for the one company in the entire universe that can make freaking Google look all restrained and innocent and pure.

In hockey, there are teams I don’t like, and I want to seem them lose. Well, life (in this case) most definitely imitates sports: I want to see companies I don’t like lose, too. I don’t want to see regulation or government control — neither of which would do a damned thing — I just want to see them go down in well-deserved financial flames.

Hey…I said it was petty, that doesn’t mean I think it’s bad!

One thought on “Schadenfreude

  1. Mandy August 1, 2018 / 5:44 am

    Right there with you. I also was happy to see Facebook’s stocks tank. Unlike you, though, I was pretty ok with facebook when it was only open to college students. It was a great way to connect with classmates, find out missed assignments, make friends with the person sitting across the room, and learn what was going on at other colleges across the US. I lost interest the moment they opened it up to “adults”. That was when it became clear to me that it was more about money than connecting people. And yet I still occasionally browse facebook and have a page for my blog. Go figure. Maybe someday I’ll be able to cut all ties.


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