Mead Cures All Ills…?

So, I thought about writing a “current events” post. Maybe something about Congress’ complete abdication of its position & power as a co-equal branch of government. Or perhaps something about the growing power and influence of elitism and technocracy. Maybe even a piece about the all-but unbridgeable divide between urban and rural folks.

Or I could just go with something less frustrating and repeatedly hit myself in the head with a hammer.

Look, I can’t be the only one who gets these periodic urges to just take off and spend a few months somewhere completely off-the-grid…can I? Crap, I’m thinking Iceland and the Faroe Islands look kind of neat right about now…

Okay, so sure, it’s mainly because I want to go immerse myself in Vikings and work them (somehow) into a fantasy story…but there ARE worse things to do, you know! Plus, in the Faroes, maybe I could have a whole day without hearing how the current president is a traitor, or the previous president was a traitor, or THIS policy is evil, no THAT policy is evil…

I know it’s human nature, but can we just stop with the goddamned over-the-top “end of the world” bullshit for a few days?

DDF6559B-4E86-4947-AF2F-C9A38219BA41Trump won’t be the end of the world (for D’s), just as Obama wasn’t the end of the world (for R’s). Not everything is a crisis of epic, world-shaking proportions. In fact, the urge to label every single political disagreement and spat as such does nothing more than numb folks to the point where terms like “crisis” and “emergency” mean absolutely nothing.

If everything is an existential threat, then nothing is.

Honestly, all of the screaming and yelling, all of the paranoia and over-reaction (on both sides), just makes even the legitimate arguments meaningless. Personally, I no longer give a damn about anything happening in DC because, well, it’s all just noise.

C59FA6C7-B7F1-4DC1-B48B-AFAB5ABB41FCI’m sure that, in a few years, I’ll find this last decade fairly humorous. I’m sure there’ll be a story somewhere in all of this nonsense. But, for now, would someone please wake me when the adults come back into the room and stuff starts to matter again?

Or, better yet, find me in some Viking bar and join me for a big horn of mead…

One thought on “Mead Cures All Ills…?

  1. J.S. Pailly June 4, 2018 / 9:44 am

    I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of living on the Moon or on Mars. And I have to say, the last few years really have made the desire to move to another planet so much stronger.


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