The Writes of Spring*

IMG_0163*Okay — so I suck at puns.  I know this already…

It’s spring, and the question is: does this time of year affect writing? Now, before I answer that, I have to solemnly promise and swear to you that I hadn’t yet read this month’s IWSG question when I settled myself down to write in this particular spot:IMG_1065

As for the question itself…well, this time of year certainly gets me out more, I will say that. Hell, as I write this, I’m at 8,000 feet, it’s sunny and 60+ degrees, and I’m sitting on the shore of a small lake. Between the sun and the wind and the water, it’s a pretty damned nice spot. But am I writing more?

Err…well…about that…

Look at it like this: I’m writing this post instead of working on a story. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but…hey, at least there’re words on my screen!

Okay, so I still haven’t answered the (not-so-difficult) question…

Yes, this season affects me. And, yes, it does help me to write more. Anyone who has read my previous IWSG posts knows I write pretty much anywhere and everywhere except at 147AB40A-880A-4D00-94FE-42D4B56A5675home. Restaurants, libraries, coffee shops, taprooms, national parks…take your pick, I’ve written there. Hell, I once wrote a story sitting in the middle of Prague’s Stare Mesto. This time of year doesn’t make writing in those places better, but it does make it more fun.

To be honest, when I write at home, whether at the kitchen table or the desk, I feel confined and limited. I’m stifled, both in environment and creativity. I would rather, in almost every case imaginable, be at least somewhat out-of-doors when I write. I don’t care if there is howling wind and blowing snow, I’m the guy looking to sit outside, or — at the very least — to open windows and doors so I can pretend I’m outside.

And, before you ask, I have absolutely ZERO idea as to why I find the quiet calm of home so incredibly distracting, let alone why the noisy chaos of a brewery taproom is relaxing and creative.

Look, I get it: I’m weird. I knew that already, thank you very much. I am a writer, after all — weird is pretty much part of the job description. But, well, who’d‘veIMG_0152 thought I was this weird? The taproom regulars may have grown used to me, but to them I’ll always be that strange guy typing away in the corner…

Now, as much as I enjoy spring, there is one problem to this time of year…and to writing in a setting like this: holy crap, am I scattered and unable to concentrate! I now have THREE blog posts half-written (including this one), AND the beginnings of an opening for a new story…

Maybe it’s time to quit while I’m ahead…and, well, the fish ARE in fact biting right now…

One thought on “The Writes of Spring*

  1. Gary May 2, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Perchance Tao room creativity goes proportional to beverage consumption? Mine does at least, although it makes weird reading in the cool light of day. I’m with you on total silence though. Just can’t get going there. Reading works, but not writing.

    I get round it by certain movies in the background. Might sound odd, but I can zone them out into a background hum and that helps inspire… has to be the right movie though. I also do a lot on my iPad so that makes things easily mobile. Dropbox it and it’s easy to transfer after.

    Great post and am I correct in thinking this was pantsing or, new term I cane across, stream of conscious writing…which I think is a posher way of saying it!

    Now, speaking of taprooms….


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