Error, Coffee Deficiency Detected

Honesty time: I am the least handy person on the face of the planet.  I, literally, am that guy that looks at a paint brush and has to figure out which end to hold…

We are, on the other hand, redoing the taproom at the brewery.  And I, of course, have to help.

Well, “help” might be more accurate.

I’m pretty sure my friend’s two young daughters are contributing more than your friendly writer-host, but…well…

“Here, start texturing this wall…” my friend said.

“Here, build a space shuttle from scratch…” I heard.

I looked around, in a panic, until I found someone who could help.

Two minutes later, I was carrying shit to the trash and a six year old girl was texturing the wall.  All was right with the universe.

The downside, unfortunately, is that writing (and everything else) has taken a back seat for a couple of days.  Well, that work is kinda-sorta-done-ish, so now I get to play catch up.  Hell, maybe I’ll write a carpentry scene…if I had any idea whatsoever what I was doing in that regard.

error__out_of_coffee_by_runedragoonAs part of catchup, today’s post is going to be short and sweet…plus, I’m out of coffee.  Writing without coffee, even so much as a blog post, would very likely result in the spontaneous combustion of my brain.

Grocery store, here I come!

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