Doin’ The Things You Hate

You know what’s the hardest thing about life as a reformed sales & marketing monkey? You can never get completely away from that particular swamp. It is, in fact, a lot like prison: once you’re in, the odds say you’re gonna return from time to time…

That being said, if I’m gonna get sucked back into that part of life on even the most temporary and limited of ways, at least I can do it for something I like and believe in.

So, I just spent the day driving around the mountains where I live delivering information and samples to various, err, local establishments. Okay, there’s just no mincing words: I was out pushing beer into bars…beers from “my” brewery.

If I’m gonna live in a rural area, dammit, at least I can make sure the bars and restaurants near me carry the good stuff! Plus, my “samples case” doesn’t suck: several cases of beer to share with the managers…err, to educate the managers. Yeah, that’s it: education. It ain’t drinkin’, no sir.

Hey, I could be sellin’ shower curtain rings, instead!

Now, one of the hard things for me is that I don’t WANT to be involved in sales and marketing. I left that shit behind for a reason. I certainly didn’t want, when I began writing seriously, to have to think about how to market and sell my work…

…but that is exactly what you have to do nowadays (not to mention, what you are expected to do).

Strangely enough, I can kinda see the reasons why: who is gonna be better or more effective at communicating a story than the writer? But then again, just exactly how many of us are not strange, socially-awkward nerds who would rather live inside our own heads than get anywhere near the real world?

Never mind — don’t answer that.

People tell me again and again that I should have a Facebook page…I should live on Twitter…I should be pimping myself on Goodreads…even LinkedIn, for the love of God.

No. Just…no.

This blog, to be blunt, is the closest I come to social media.

No, really: this is hard enough. If folks expect me to put more of myself out there? Yeah, things ain’t gonna go well…for anyone. I want to write, not troll for re-tweets. I have family and friends who pretty much live on the various outlets (and who laugh at me as a neo-Luddite railing against reality) and I did once have a, err, professional role using social media…but, crap, I ran away to the mountains and trees to get away from that shit!

Then, reality returns…

I love to write…but, holy shit, is it nice to actually, you know, make a few bucks every once in a while.

Writer-pimp-life, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Doin’ The Things You Hate

  1. Kathy November 7, 2017 / 4:14 am

    I hear you. Sometimes I wish I’d been born a solid thirty or forty years earlier. The internet changed the game, and not in a way that was particularly favorable for writers, I think. Gone are the days when the publishing houses (and there used to be so many more of them before the big ones started buying everyone up) scooped up an author and his/her book, threw a big fat advance at them, and then nurtured and promoted the heck out of them both. Good luck with getting back into social media. Don’t let it get you down. Set boundaries. Drink more beer. Keep writing.

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  2. WriterMinion November 10, 2017 / 9:12 am

    Thanks, Kathy … it’s always a great thing to know other folks find some of the same speed bumps and challenges I do! =)

    When folks ask me about writing, I tell them, “The money’s terrible, but the benefits can’t be beat.”

    Not only do I get to play with my own little universes, I get to do it in some unforgettable settings. Remembering that, and keeping it in focus, makes all the little stuff much easier to bear — plus, I could be back to wearing a tie everyday, and sitting in endless meetings!


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