Flash Fiction: Click

I don’t do these pieces/contests often…mainly because I am very much a long-form writer.  From time to time, however, I love the challenge of doing something so very different. To restrict myself so tightly is hard, and like watching what I eat, I have to learn to “enjoy” the things so very hard for me.

This is another piece I did for a flash-fiction contest.  Like the last piece I posted, this was a very tightly limited contest: one hundred words to tell a story.  There were no other parameters…I just happened to be in, well, a particularly dark mood at the time:

The rain poured down, plastered hair to head.

It wasn’t enough. Not enough to wash away the pain; not enough to change a life.

The cold iron pressed, made its mark.

A breath…two…it was time.

“I almost didn’t find you,” she said, “I’m sorry I’m late.”

He did look up, then. Only one thing did he see: those eyes. The eyes that encompassed his life.

“You’re not late,” he breathed. The rain was unnoticed, now.

A hand on his head. Fingers through his hair, trailing the warmth and strength so long missed.

He closed his eyes.


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