Lazy Post Of The Month

Late, again…  It’s harder than I’d like to get these up on time.  Some of it is time and distractions, some is my sheer laziness…and some really is the crappy internet connection I get!

I wasn’t going to do a picture post for a while, but I went down to the Tetons the other day.  Just to gorgeous not to run with…

First, though, a look at how variable it is here in Yellowstone.  The first picture is where I was hiking:


Then, just a couple hundred yards and one stream later:

Yes, those are steam vents and boiling mud pots.  And, yes, I really did that close something that stinking hot.  I am not, however, going to talk about the mama grizzly and two cubs I ran into on the trail that day!

Now for the real reason for this post…a trip down to thermal features that run into Lake Yellowstone itself, then a run through Grand Teton National Park:


And, finally…with all the international visitors we get in this area, the most important sign in the entire place:










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