Happy Squirrel Day!

So, well, umm…I had another post written and queued up for this morning, but on review I decided to backtrack and take a left instead. When something is too snarky and irritated even for me, you know it’s time for a rewrite! Back to the drawing board…

I’m sitting here in that late-morning interim you only really get on holidays. In this case, it’s an Easter thing. I did the early morning church visit already, and have a couple of hours until I get together with some other folks for…err…well…there’s no way to soften the blow: lamb.

Yes, we’re cooking a whole lamb. Sorry. It’s fluffy and cuddly and cute…and absolutely delicious!

Yes, I’m a carnivore…and my ancestors worked too damned hard getting to the top of the food chain for me to waste their effort. One of my commandments in life comes from Andrew Zimmern: “if it looks good, eat it.”

Crap…well, there goes Plan B, too. I was fully intending to do a serious, thoughtful post this morning. Something focused on trying to affirm life, the universe and everything*. You know, the verbose version of a Hallmark card.

*Yes, I am in fact re-reading that book/series for about the 100th time!IMG_0162

But the squirrels took over.

The squirrels are strong this morning.

So now I’m thinking about lamb. And risotto. And pie…there will definitely be pie before today is done. Frankly, you can keep the risotto (even though I’m making it); all I want is lamb and pie.

Well, that and beer…but it’s a holiday, so I won’t talk about that.

By the way, if you happen to walk by a guy at the coffee shop this morning, and he’s on his hands and knees under the table, don’t worry about it: that’s just me looking for a damned point to make…

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