The Best Laid Plans

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

Four (very) large coffees, and not a single bite of food since dinner last night.

I have, at the moment, pretty much turned into a 12-year-old who has shotgunned a case of Mountain Dew. I’m not sure I can so much as blink right now. Crap, I can barely type this because my hands are literally shaking. I just tried to read the handwritten notes I was working on and, well, they’re basically a lost cause.

I have a problem, you say?

Nope, no problem. Not me. I’m not addicted to caffeine or anything!

I actually did try to quit once, way back when I was still a management-weasel. Three days into “quitting” my team came to me with an ultimatum: start drinking coffee again or they would have me killed.

Apparently I had turned from the boss everyone liked into Monty Burns.

It’s only on mornings like this that I understand an article I read a couple months back about how overloading on caffeine can be almost as bad for driving as booze. I most definitely would not trust myself behind the wheel of a two-ton vehicle at this particular moment.

I (almost) feel kinda bad: I had plans for the post I wanted to write today, but there’s not a chance in hell I could focus enough to write a shopping list, let alone a 500-word post that makes any sense.  This little note is as close as I’m gonna come to coherence for the next…oh, four hours or so.

IMG_0155On the other hand, I might just have to go play me a pick-up game or two at the rink – there is definitely a place in hockey for drug-addled-rodents…

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