Dear BioWare: It’s Not Me, It’s You

What do you do when the things you’ve loved all your life start to fall flat?

Not the older material, but rather when new stuff comes out in long-loved franchises that, err, sucks.

Yes, Force Awakens, I’m looking at you…

Even worse, for the moment, are video games.


Remember, I am a serious game nerd*. I, in point of fact, still have an original copy of Baldur’s Gate II (one of the top three games ever made!) that sees use from time to time. The graphics suck, but my God is that game fun.

*Which is not as automatic for a sci-fi writer as one would think…I’ve actually met folks who don’t game! That’s just not right…

Why am I talking about this? Mass Effect: Andromeda officially released today. And sadly…depressingly…painfully…BioWare has pretty much destroyed one of my all-time favorite game series.IMG_0149

That gives me the sads.

How could you do this to me, BioWare?! We’ve been together for so long! When you were down and out, when the creditors were at the door screaming for blood, I was there for you! I bought your games!

Now, when I need a new game to play in the worst way, you give me this shit?

I just can’t take it anymore! Square-Enix has been dropping hints, and I think it’s time I saw other developers…

Err, until DA4 comes out.

Until then, I get custody of Baldur’s Gate.

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