The Love-Child Of Narcissism And Dogmatism

I just made the ultimate mistake: I ventured into the badlands (as a thankfully account-less voyeur) to read a handful of Twitter feeds that were, unfortunately, completely dominated by politics. My God, is there a “universe” more incestuous, vacuous, echo-chamberish, and/or self-obsessed than Twitter?

Does ANYONE, on any “side”, on that ****** platform have even a passing acquaintance with someone who believes or thinks in the slightest way differently? It literally is like visiting two entirely different realities, depending on which side you’re reading.

*You know when I censor a word, it’s REALLY bad!

Gah! Twitter is quite possibly the worst place in the world…and I’ve visited WW2 death camps.

The best part about being (publicly) apolitical? I get to mock equally everyone involved. Or get irritated equally with all of them. It’s a coin flip, really.

To both sides I just want to sit there and scream, “Grow the fuck up!”

It really ain’t all that hard folks: we’re all (well, mostly all) big boys and big girls. We should be able to have a little playground give-and-take.

Think of modern US politics as a cheap one-night-stand for the DC set. You can posture and lie and preen all you want, but in the end – if you do it right – everyone should go home sweaty and tired and at least somewhat content.

Now, the one insight I will offer as to my leanings is that I am a pretty hard-core individualist. Live and let live. Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. You know: what for centuries has been considered common freaking courtesy!

And both sides fail that test. Both sides – especially the more extreme elements of both sides – have this seeming fixation on what other people say, think and do. You know what? Pay attention to your own damn house and stop worrying about your neighbor’s.

Grr…okay, now I’m just irritating myself.

See, this is why I try to be pretty damned agnostic as far as politics are concerned. Those extremes I mentioned above? Each will read into the relatively harmless words I just wrote and find something to offend them.

Then again, if I piss off everyone, does that mean I did hide my own beliefs successfully? Something to think about there…

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