A Slave To Research

img_0142Remember when I said music and mood (and my surroundings) influence heavily what I write in any particular session? Yeah…well…err…

That ain’t always a good thing. I tell myself to write what I feel at any given time, write the “correct” scene, but…

I never even listened to my mother, why the hell would I listen to myself?

I tried, for the last hour, to write something totally and completely at odds with my mood. Not just off, but way, way off.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so irritating! No, check that…it is pretty damn funny (at least to me).

I was trying to do an angry confrontation scene in prison…while I was feeling, err, less than serious.

Hard to capture that honest reality when you’re laughing while your protagonist is supposed to be enraged. As a practical note: I have to set myself certain goals and schedules when I write in order to avoid wandering off the tracks.

Those random squirrel moments are okay here on the blog, but in the actual story? I get enough shit from people for the language and darkness of the themes/settings, I don’t need to add random stream-of-consciousness shit to the fire, thank you very much!

Okay, so productivity was out. What did I do? Write the drink and music of the week sections for the next couple of weeks, of course!

Now, if I’m gonna write those sections, of course I have to research! And research extensively…and then research some more.

Do I really have to add that I love research?

As a writer there are a million frustrations to the life (money, isolation, money, editors, money, etc…) but there are perks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drink some more research.

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