The World, Darkly (thanks Star Trek!)

Things are kinda odd at the moment. Even though I’ve started writing scenes for Silence, I still haven’t finished some of the normal prep work. Oh, the big stuff is done, but I’ve still got a handful of character pieces hanging over my head.

The most important of those remaining are the major-character POV summaries. Basically, in addition to the other summaries/synopses I write, I also do a brief run through the story from the POV of each major character. It helps me to find holes, and to make sure I understand and take into account their motivations and needs.

Since the story itself is told solely from the POV of an eighteen-year-old, emotionally broken, alcoholic thief, it’s important that I understand and keep faith with these characters. But how do I express their positions and actions through Connor’s perceptions if even I don’t understand them? It is depressingly easy to lose sight of the needs and wants of secondary characters (no matter how important) when Connor’s voice and personality are so dominant in the story…and in my head.

With that being said, there is something rewarding – cathartic, even – in the piece I am currently writing. The character in question is hugely important to Connor, and has a correspondingly major role in the plot. He is also a douchebag of the first order, as well as being a borderline psychopath. Think Ted Bundy with a massive bank account and you begin to get a picture of this particular character… His perspective stands in such stark contrast to Connor’s that writing it is actually pretty refreshing.

One thing is certain: this dude definitely gets a different soundtrack from Connor! More angry, “fuck you” music and less bitter, emotional stuff.

And yes, Connor pretty much wants to beat the crap out of him from the first minute they meet…

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