One Song To Rule Them All


I found my song.

You know what I’m talking about: that one key song that captures the emotion and intent of a story. That one song that captures the focus and inspiration of the story, and of the most important character(s).

No?  Maybe it’s just me…

At any rate, for Wrath & Tears it was “Ghosts That We Knew”. Of course other songs were also important (I once mentioned a playlist I have of the 25(ish) songs that really mattered to Wrath), but that one rose above as the instigating, driving force.

Silence is already building a soundtrack that is floating around inside my head, but nothing that has really risen to hit that top mark.

Until now.

And, goddammitalltohell, wouldn’t you know it…Mumford & Sons did it to me again.

I might love Gaslight Anthem, and have a man-crush on Chuck Ragan, and play Eric Bibb until my ears go numb, but Mumford & Sons is still very much a go-to sound for me.

When their third album came out – Wilder Mind – I wasn’t initially sure what to think of it. To be honest, it sounded more like a lovechild between The Fray and X-Ambassadors than it did Mumford & Sons. But it grows on you.

Oh does it grow.

I listened. And I listened. And the volume kept going up and up (sorry, neighbors!).

Some good damn songs on that album. But one…one in particular…it echoes the themes Connor is wrestling with, and suffering from. It echoes where he is, and where he is going:

“Only Love”

Oh yeah.

Time to go write some more…


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