The Other Stories

One of the hardest parts of writing – at least to me – is keeping all of the other ghosts at bay. You would think, with all of the focus and emotion and effort that goes into writing, that the other ideas would shut the fuck up for a while and just let you get on with things.


Not a chance.

Damned ghosts, they keep calling…

Even as I’m finally planning and writing the actual scenes for Silence, all of the other unrelated, unrealized characters and ideas keep fluttering around, making noise. Well, all except that damned passive-aggressive conspiracy theory story that’s been lurking in the background for fifteen years. That one knows it can piss me off more by just looming quietly at the back of my mind – very obviously, very annoyingly, and very aggressively quiet. Bastard.

It wouldn’t be so bad if some of those ideas were related in some way other than my own (overactive) imagination. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Can’t have easy. Nope, not in this life of mine.

So, while I’m busy writing scenes about Connor in prison, I’m also contemplating stories about an exiled god, about a soldier sold into slavery on the far side of the world, about a deposed queen who will do anything to protect her kids…


I know there are folks out there who can write multiple stories at the same time. I think about that and all I can say is: “what the fuck?”

How on Earth can anyone do that? I most definitely could not keep the emotions and needs of all those characters straight. Writing is nutty enough for me, but trying to do two stories at once? I’d have to move right past booze and go straight for electroshock therapy…

Maybe I shouldn’t have killed Oz – him I could count on to always keep me on track. Connor, on the other hand, is as much a slacker as I am, and he’s letting me get away with far too much!

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