This Is Why I Torture My Characters

Hmm…drink or write? Drink or write?

OK, trick question: when in doubt, you always multitask.

Maybe I should clarify the question (and situation) a bit: do I go out drinking for New Year’s Eve? Or do I stay in and write?

Now, as you’ve no doubt noticed from previous posts, I am no fan of New Year’s Eve. I’ve done my share of partying and celebrating (including some nights that I still probably shouldn’t, err, talk about), so for me it’s no longer a terribly huge deal.


But, I’m not home. I’m visiting family. There’s something subtly shameful about staying in with family on NYE.

Of course, my other option is to go to a local dive bar I used to visit in my younger days.  I’m not sure that is a place (mentally or physically) I particularly want to go, either…

Thank God I have an idea for a scene that came to me earlier today. We’ve covered this before: when something like that comes along, what do you do? You write it.

Of course you write it.

A bit of beer (or more than a bit, depending on your frame of reference), loud music in my earbuds and pretty-much-total quiet in the house around me? Weird mix. I miss my usual haunts right about now…this is the kind of scene that needs the atmosphere from the brewery to help me get it right.

Oh well. To quote Eastwood – and it’s never wrong to quote Eastwood – “we adapt, we overcome.”

Plus, I’ll make up for lost time when I get back home.

OK, that’s decided, then. Now I just need to start working on Connor witnessing a death he thought he wanted more than anything…

He thought wrong, I might add.

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