Hamsters on a Wheel

I think the Brits have it right with Boxing Day. They milk an extra day out of Christmas, and we get stuck with…Monday.


There should be some kind of rule against Christmas falling on a Sunday, it just makes everything weird!

I walk into my favorite coffee place this morning and all the normal faces are there. The two cops, the lawyer with an office down the way, the landscaper, the retired lady, the CPR instructors…and a few others.  Everyone is there, and everyone (mostly) is getting ready to trudge in to their respective office/place-of-work wearing identical looks of sour dissatisfaction.

Including me, which is why you’re getting a random off-the-top-of-my-head post today. Usually I give the posts a minute or two of thought before I write them, but nope…not today.

You can’t even blame miserly and mean employers (for the most part), as the bulk of these folks work for themselves.

So why is everyone out and headed for the office on a 12-degree morning the day after Christmas? Why, for that matter, am I out on this self-same morning?

Good question.

We here in the US need to slow down, learn to relax a bit. The biggest contribution the Italians have made to world culture – bigger than Rome, bigger than the Renaissance, bigger even than Tuscany – is la dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing.

That might make things, err, challenging when you need a train from Naples to Rome, but on the day after Christmas? Have some olives and bread and a glass of wine. Watch some football (of whatever flavor you prefer: American or rest-of-the-world)…play with your (grand)kids’ toys…and, most importantly, RELAX.

The world will still be there tomorrow, trust me.

And if it’s not there tomorrow? At least your last day was worthwhile.

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