Recycling, and the Redemption of a Character

One of my big failures in Wrath & Tears was with Nat: she had a lot of potential as a character, especially as a note of dissonance in Connor’s world, but I never did right by her. I never developed the character the way I should have, as an individual. She was, to my shame, a servant of the plot…and of the real story about Connor and Oz.

I thought, even after I decided to start looking at doing a sequel, that she had been a one-time character; someone necessary to draw Connor (and by extension Oz) out of stasis and into action and conflict.

Oh, was I wrong.

She is more. Very much is she more.

I was sitting here doing some notes and thoughts on how Connor had changed between stories to help me get things moving from his POV when an urge struck me to look at Nat again.img_0014

*Insert evil laugh here*

I have certain themes and ideas I want to develop in this new story, but I wasn’t quite sure how I would introduce them. That just changed…thanks Nat!

I love it when a plan (or lack thereof) comes together!

Now I just need to spend…oh, I don’t know…countless hours of work to figure out how to pull this off! Shit, life would be so much easier if I hadn’t made the commitment to have every single word of Connor’s stories come from his POV…

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