Two Stories? That’s Not a Problem…It’s a Disaster

Okay, so I still can’t make up my mind.

I finished the book: This Place of Wrath and Tears. Until someone changes the title. I love my title…but not even I would put money on that one making it through the editorial filters. “Too many words”, “Too literary”, “Too presumptuous”…you can fill in the blanks as well as I can.

At any rate, all I have left is the next story…

Of course, that’s all I ever have…the next story. The next story is always better than the last one. And that’s why writers drink…err, well, that’s (partially) why I drink, anyway.

The problem is simple: I can’t decide.

Damn, I’m never gonna write that goddamned conspiracy theory story at this rate.

Connor still won’t shut up. I keep thinking about him, and about how I can start his next story. And about what I want it to say…the simple fact is, Connor’s stories are pretty personal and close to me, so it feels like there will always be more there. I know the theme…I know the premise…and I can run with it.

But for the other book, the conspiracy theory story, it’s a bit more of a slog. Oh, I know the premise…I’ve known that for years. I even have a grasp on the tone, and a bit on voice and POV, but none of that has really clicked together.

I think part of the problem is that I just finished the final edits on Wrath & Tears. That does something to my mood…err, that does bad things to my mood. Hard to write a sarcastic comedy when I’m still feeling the after-effects of killing off Oz.

I’ve started spinning my mental wheels because I can’t make up my mind. I do a bit of work here and there on the two, one or the other on any given day, but nowhere near enough concentrated and focused effort. My plan has been to spend the rest of this year doing all the prep and background work and research for the next book. Then start writing right after the new year starts. That gives me a hair over three months.

Should be more then enough time…shouldn’t it? Shit, I’m already goin’ nuts because I don’t have anything to write. I’m a sad and pathetic pandaimage right now. All I really want is to cut that three months of prep in half, and start on the book. And to do that, I have to know what the fuck I’m going to write.


Yeah, yeah, I know…first world problems. Bite me. Now, if I tell you how I’m running out of space on my PS4, and how I’d rather buy another hard drive than delete shit, THAT is a first world problem.

It still sucks, though.

Right now, I do have to say, Connor is winning the fight. I have my finger on the scale to tip it to the conspiracy theory book, but Connor is evil…he cheats. He reminds me of all the shit I still have to say…and just how dark and fucked up the universe really is.  He also says I owe him for Oz…

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