Ahh, Oktoberfest. It’s the most magical time of the year!

All I want for Oktoberfest is beer…

Okay, that didn’t sound alcoholic or anything.

The root of the problem is that I know just too damned many people in the beer business…and spend too much time in that world myself. You know (if you’ve been paying attention) that I do quite a bit of my writing in the taprooms of breweries. Well, one brewery in particular…the one owned and staffed by friends of mine.

I also–in my “non-writer-life”–spend a great deal of time & work immersed in the beer culture of both the US and Europe. And, yes, it is as satisfying as it sounds! And, no, I won’t give any more information. This is, after all, supposed to be an anonymous blog. If I start talking about my “real work” that anonymity goes bye-bye fairly quickly.

At any rate, all of that is to say that last weekend was Okotoberfest at my “preferred” brewery. It was crowded, it was lively, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I even wrote a couple of blog posts over the weekend so I could keep things going.

Then I read them again. Err, well, I sobered up first, then I read them.

I may have had too much to drink to write on that particular day…

They were funny as hell, but not even I can figure what the hell I was talking about when I wrote them. Other than a dude wearing short-shorts and girls in dirndls (hah! take that word, spell check!). And no one wants a dude wearing short-shorts.

The dirndls were cool, though.

And hammerschlagen. You have to have hammerschlagen. And, yes, all the cornhole aficionados out there just wish they could play hammerschlagen…of course, so do I. I suck at hammerschlagen. Almost as much as I suck at cornhole.

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