Oh, I am in a Mood…

Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you.

Writing is, to me at least, a thing of mood and momentum. Some days the work just flows and I know I’m turning out good stuff. Those days, I’m in the right mood, those days I get the bear.

Others? Not so much. Every word is slow, and every thought takes seemingly forever. You still write–you always write–but you just know that you’ll have work to do later to clean up and beat into shape what you’re working on. Those days I’m not in the mood, those days that goddamned bear gets me. Those are the days, to be honest, when you start to question all the time and effort, when you wonder if you shouldn’t just settle back into the miserable life of an office cube-monkey.

But the good days…the good days make up for all the shitty ones. When you’re in the mood, when momentum is on your side, and you write a scene that you know nails everything you intended. Those are the days you wonder how you could ever abandon the writing.

Thank God I’ve had several of those good days lately, days where the words did exactly what I wanted and needed them to. Five scenes written in three days, and two of those feel like some of the best stuff I’ve ever written. Connor has taken on his own life and voice, and he doesn’t always agree with me, and that makes it all worth it.

Now I have to go write another scene…the hangover isn’t helping, but fuck it. Shou ga nai, right?

Maybe I don’t have to go back to that fucking cube after all.

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